How do I use the e-edition in my classroom without everyday computer access for all students?

  • Access to your E-Ledger subscription is not limited to the classroom. You and your students can log in to your classroom's E-Ledger account from any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world, anytime day or night.
  • Online content can be shared with your students in the classroom via a SmartBoard or LCD projector, which requires access to only one computer.
  • You can also print and distribute copies of newspaper articles and E-Ledger educational supplements.

What if my classroom computer doesn't have internet access, has limited broadband width, or isn't connected to a printer?

  • No extra software or downloads are required, so E-Ledger is easily accessed with either a broadband or dial-up connection.
  • Since access to your E-Ledger subscription is not limited to the classroom, you and your students can read the e-edition and materials online at home, at the library—anywhere with computer and internet access.
  • Articles and materials can also be printed, e-mailed or saved, making the newspaper and program even more convenient and portable than before.

How do I find time in an already busy classroom schedule to use the E-Ledger?

  • E-Ledger is a destination point and simply replaces the printed version. It is more functional and user-friendly in that it allows you to search, highlight, zoom in and out, e-mail, save, print and distribute as many copies as necessary.
  • Because each e-edition is available online for an entire week, you and your students can access and use the newspaper as both your personal and classroom schedules allow.
  • Once the programs are placed online, they will be available to you through the end of the semester, allowing you to work the materials into your lesson plans rather than building your plans around them.

How can I afford to print and copy articles and materials for all my students with limited budget dollars?

  • While we understand that printing and copying E-Ledger articles and supplemental materials may mean a greater investment at the school level, these materials are generally well received by students and teachers alike, and the educational benefits outweigh any increased costs.
  • To save money, printed materials can be shared among students and even among classrooms, if necessary. When possible, students can even print articles and programs at home.

In the past, students could take the newspaper home to read. How will they do that now when many don’t have home computers with which to access the e-edition?

  • While we understand that some students do not have computers at home, a large percentage do. According to Time Magazine, 71% of U.S. households have an internet connection, with 42% of Americans saying they go online and work from home.
  • Our children have grown up with computers and use them for everything from playing games to communicating with their friends to doing research and homework. The E-Ledger is a compliment to the resource and methods our children are already utilizing to get information.
  • Source: Time Magazine "America By The Numbers”, Scarborough 2007 Multi-Market Release

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